More Episodes

Knowing Who We Are
2020-01-15 98.9k
Vitae Spiritualis Ianua
2020-01-08 93.5k
The Light of the Nations
2020-01-03 47.4k
Herod and Joseph
2019-12-25 47.7k
Dream Big
2019-12-18 51.6k
What You Hear and See
2019-12-11 53.3k
The Messiah’s Work
2019-12-04 54.6k
A Theology of Work
2019-11-13 115.7k
The Martyrs and a Higher World
2019-11-06 109.7k
The Love of Predilection
2019-10-30 55.4k
Paul at the End of the Race
2019-10-23 60.9k
Persistence in Prayer
2019-10-16 63.2k
Don’t Forget the Poor
2019-09-25 59.5k
Yes and No to Power
2019-09-18 61.5k

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