Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Getting Close to God
2019-08-02 1.7k
Recognizing faith
2019-07-26 1.7k
Faith that works
2019-07-25 1.6k
Playing by the rules
2019-07-24 1.6k
The best seat in the house
2019-07-23 1.5k
Mirrors don't lie.
2019-07-22 1.5k
You're fooling yourself!
2019-07-19 1.7k
Good and perfect gifts!
2019-07-17 1.5k
Do the math!
2019-07-16 1.5k
Trials are escalators.
2019-07-15 1.6k
Finding joy!
2019-07-11 1.6k
Titles and Positions
2019-07-10 1.6k
Before you say, "I do."
2019-07-09 1.5k
Drive-thru closed.
2019-07-08 1.5k

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