The Angry Therapist Podcast

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How Do I Get Closure?
2020-02-25 4.4k
No BS with David Meltzer
2020-02-20 8.0k
The Relationship Agreement
2020-02-18 8.0k
No BS with Dr. MC Mcdonald
2020-02-13 10.2k
Why We Cheat
2020-02-06 11.9k
Don't Want It So Bad
2020-02-04 11.2k
Dissecting a Real Fight!
2020-01-28 10.4k
#10 Don't Be Nice, Be Kind
2020-01-23 12.2k
What is Lateral Thinking?
2020-01-16 11.4k
5 First Date No's
2020-01-14 12.2k
Do Open Relationships Work?
2020-01-09 12.5k
2020 is Your "Act Break"
2019-12-31 11.6k
#66: Do Hold Up
2019-12-26 11.6k
Question Your Perception
2019-12-19 12.5k

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