More Episodes

Relationships & Transition
2018-02-16 3.1k
Impostor Syndrome
2018-02-08 3.5k
HRT in the Closet
2018-02-02 3.3k
Hair Transplants
2018-01-25 2.4k
Internalized Transphobia
2018-01-11 1.9k
The Endgame
2018-01-04 2.7k
Transgender Friends
2017-12-29 3.0k
2017-12-07 2.8k
How to Choose Your Name
2017-12-01 2.9k
Non-Binary Talk with Avery
2017-11-23 3.9k
2017-11-16 2.5k
Picking Up a Transmission
2017-11-09 2.4k

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