More Episodes

Tomato or Tomatin
2020-03-27 8.4k
No, not that Brittany
2020-03-20 19
Water is for a sissy
2020-03-18 29
Just off the Pike
2020-03-13 15
40 crus in a glass
2020-03-06 18
Best buy for a Tootsie Roll
2020-02-21 24.6k
Feel warm at that price
2020-02-07 84.6k
Look at all the pretty foil
2020-01-31 89.7k
Really? That’s the best buy?
2020-01-24 190.2k
You got us over a Barrell
2020-01-17 235.0k
Simple wins again
2020-01-10 184.6k
Still tastes like dirt
2020-01-03 242.3k
For any occasion
2019-12-27 28.3k
All Aboard
2019-12-18 6

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