Roy's 18 Minute Walking Podcast Roy's 18 Minute Walking Podcast

Why 18 minutes? Because Covert Bailey always said in his Fit or Fat books to stay in an aerobic zone for at least 12 minutes a day in order to have the long term benifits of walking; and it takes the first 6 minutes of walking to ramp up into the aerobic zone. The aerobic zone is where you are breathing heavily, but can still carry on a conversation. If you are too winded to talk (or recite the alphabet), you are in the cardio zone and are burning sugar, not fat stores. I figure what better way to make this a daily (or nearly daily) habit than to podcast as I walk -- thus maintaining my aerobic/fat-burning/fat-thermostat-resetting zone. And while I walk, I will share whatever comes to my mind with you. So you can enjoy my missives from politics, the cosmos, science and invention, film and game production, stand-up comedy, the performing arts, and anything else I decide to put out into the universe. I hope you will join me for a walk. Enjoy!

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