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I have been lead on a journey to this pod cast like you wouldn't believe. I've had cross over occurrences which correspond to what is mentioned in this pod cast. I 100% believe what's in it and for the whole podcast I had tingling all over my body and tears welling not out of sadness but joy and love. I'm a Bundjalung man and our totem is the Goanna. We have a dreamtime story of the Goanna fighting the snake. A Goanna who maintains watch at Evans Head, NSW. Not far from the Mullumbimby formations which you also reported on and I recently purchased your book this morning just before I walked into a Newsagents and got lead straight to a magazine which had a story on this podcast. I see rock formations everywhere now and know the power they hold and energy they contain which locks into the Earths magnetic field which has the same frequency as the human consciousness. We are one and the same. I look to the skies and feel in my heart they will return shortly. Those who maintain love and spirituality will be the only ones to remain. A battle between good and evil will happen. We need to be guided to the light.

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