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I just started listening to your podcast and I am really loving it!! As a woman of color trying to find my way in this white dominated community (in voice and presence) it was a little disheartening to hear you say that cultural appropriation doesn't exist. When I here that I think of the ways in which we continue to colonize by taking from others because we believe we can. Culture appropriation is real and not recognizing that is an act of racism and insensitivity (regardless of intention) that silences and erases the pasts of people. As a witch and a member of other spiritual/religious groups that barrow wisdom from different people I believe that it's okay to honor the practices of others, understand that work that's come before us, see it as something that is not inherently ours but something we can grow and learn from and can resonate with us. I hope this doesn't come off as attacking because I don't think you meant harm but I couldn't stay quiet on this, especially since I am enjoying your podcast so much! Blessed be

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