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I found the show fascinating. A few questions you (DL) asked on the show is addressed by the Aruch Hashulchan. Specifically your q about making the cholov akum kosher thru turning it into cheese is addressed in 115:12, the story Rabbi Oberlander mentioned in 115:6 which interestingly mentions at the end that there are hidden reasons for everything the chachamim enacted... In 115:5 he has very strong words about utilizing heterim for chalav... For anyone wanting a supplement to this show...

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Thank you for your podcast. Please can you explain what you mean when you say the OU is the most reliable hechsher, which means other hechsherim are less reliable. I know the OU gives a hechsher to fish without skin event though every other major hechsher doesn't rely on those heterim. After all a high percentage of fish in the US is mislabeled

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