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Snes classic worth the price, not the stress involved.. I want one and am dreading camping out to get one on release night/day...

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I've listen to a lot of these podcasts and I got to be honest, I'm done. Pat has become unbearable to listen to. For a long list of reason. If it's not NES, pat has to shit on it. If Ian makes a valid contradiction, Pat freaks out and has to scream him down. He never shuts up about his book. All his info and content is basic, 1st page google search info. If he doesnt does talk about Frank or mention his dinners with him or how he's coming over later, his world will end. He NEVER will just let someone else talk, he has to interrupt EVERY time just so you don't forget it's his podcast. Was a fan but man it's gotten to the point I just can't listen anymore. Ian, don't know you from adam, but you seem like a cool guy and aren't self absorbed, I'd drink a few beer with ya. Pat, man you have got to get the fuck over yourself. Or not, makes no difference to me, i wont be listening anymore. Good luck with the cast.

2 years ago reply 2