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love this episode

4 months ago reply 0

I love this! I struggle with the perfectionist mindset, procrastinating, and stressing over giant tasks. I look at the whole mess as a giant depressing, anxiety-producing task. I'm starting to break things down. Instead of seeing one giant overwhelming task, I'm starting to see a whole bunch of smaller tasks that are achievable within a few minutes a day. I've always tried to come up with a perfect, neat system of organization for each set of things. Alphabetical, color coded, neatly stored away and out of sight had always been my goal, but complicated systems often take monstrous amounts of time. I end up having sh*t on every surface, because I haven't set up the system, I have huge piles to organize, or I know I'll forget to take care of something important if it's not in my face. I hate seeing piles of stuff or random items sitting out unless they're neatly positioned or completely out of sight. I have bipolar with OCD and anxiety. So I sometimes fit perfectly (there's that word again) in the ladybug category, other times I'm a stereotypical bee. Thinking I need to see things out and seeing things out is torturous unless it looks like a picture of organization from a magazine and has a zen feel. Otherwise, my brain shuts down from anxiety, and I can't focus on any task. These podcasts are very motivational and uplifting. Not having a positive mindset is absolutely detrimental to my wellbeing. I have had my immune system crash and had serious physical consequences from negativity and stress. My husband had thought I was being overdramatic until medical exams and testing results showed a decline in health and multiple medications came into the picture. Nowadays, I have become his rock, I don't tolerate things or actions that cause us stress, and have become ther ultimate analytical problem solver. 😁 Life can be crazy, I can be crazy, but things can and always do get better and easier.

1 years ago reply 0

love this podcast. I listen every night and again when I need encouragement. thank you!

1 years ago reply 0

I needed to hear this and thank you for letting me borrow your motivation!

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