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Guys there‘s no reason to wake up sad! The people have and always will yield the power through non-compliance and the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution. Understand that in order for money to have ANY value someone else must desire it. But, as we‘ve seen in this plandemic, our way of life has evolved to rely on extremely complicated and regulated processes that are very fragile (such as food, transportation and energy sectors). They evolved this way to be centralized so the few can

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elicit power and control. If and when these life sustaining infrastructures break down we‘re all fucked and go into survival mode! So the money they own now becomes irrelevant except to burn to stay warm in the winter. Guys, your jobs as you educate people to the truth is to offer hope through educating us on how to create local communities to be self sufficient through homeschooling, learning skilled traits, growing and raising our own food, implementing sustainable energies, etc. In the

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immediate future we all need to practice non-compliance while we work at the local level to nullify unconstitutional federal laws and achieve independent and sustainable communities. The Great Reset doesn‘t have to go technocratically, we can use it to achieve independence and decentralize the government and corporate interests!

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Great Podcast! I heard about you from The David Knight Show when Tony Arterburn guest hosted and had on Charlie Robinson. Guys, keep fighting the good fight!

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