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Amen! I'm so thankful that you guys brought up Warren Smith and his warnings about Marianne's inspirations from these New Age teachings! He, along with others such as Johanna Michaelsen, have been deceived by these Christianized New Age teachings to get real spiritual experiences. They actually had their own personal encounters with Jesus Himself until they tested the spirit and found out the Truth. Thank you guys for exposing how the New Age is sneaking into the church in so many subtle ways from personal enlightenments of Christ Himself to believing they are Christ themselves. This is exactly the impact this "The Course of Miracles" book has eased it's teachings into the churches. Yes, it's sadly true...there are so many unaware beloved brothers and sisters out there who truly believe that they are speaking to and receiving revelations from our Savior, yet really they are channelling another "Jesus." Let's pray that we can lovingly reach those deceived by these dangerous Christianized New Age perceptions and practices.🙏

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