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Note.... Cocaine is not physically addictive it is that means you cAn quit cold turkey Just an fyi and I wanted to comment on Paula White and the whole pornography thing. If she says" just don't get addicted to it". the risk is in looking at it in the first place he won't know if you're addicted till you do it the first time

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This Sozo ministry sounds like an intensive session of hypnotherapy which a willing person is basically placed in a trance state (a dissociation) to visualize and vocalize whatever their subconscious reveals they are struggling with in order for removal or editing the mind. The problem is that the person going through this "deliverance" process is rather opening up themselves deeper and deeper into the demonic realm with each session. The person "feels" like they are healed or cured by Jesus yet continually needs it...maybe because this practice is very seductive (seducing spirits). A "feeling" of deliverance is not the same as the True deliverance of Jesus Christ.

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โ€œ No Seth, thatโ€™s not how that worksโ€ great line!

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