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Thank you Vinnie!

9 months ago reply 0

Vinnie, from another Western Pennsylvanian of the pre-internet era, thank you for sharing your wise insights on the social media phenomena. I hope others listen and take this to heart.

9 months ago reply 1

Vinnie, you sound like you are a media ecologist at heart. My wife studies and teaches this topic everyday in her university classes. I find your rants very important for artists in this new world since the internet, because I like you know the world before the internet. I enjoy your show! Keep at it ....

9 months ago reply 0

I've often thought about if I ever met you in real life if I should say hi to you or not. Because yes I'm a Vinnie fan boy but at the same time I also really embrace this idea you mention at the beginning that there's a space you need to respect regarding people you are not close to. How do you feel as a renowned artist regarding this issue? Do you get a lot of fans trespassing your boundaries? I'd love to hear about it sometime if you would want to talk about it. Thanks for the thought provoking pod casts.

9 months ago reply 2

YES! Absolutely! I kinda love the Matrix comparison, and "agency" is now the equivalent of being "out of touch".

10 months ago reply 1