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This interview is so informative. Thank you for having Dr. Russell Blaylock.

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10 15 years ago dr. Russell Blaylock did a video on chemtrails. He said the most susceptible are pre-existing patience and mostly pre-existing respiratory that was a decade ago now what the so-called experts the people that are at the highest risk is what dr. Blaylock just said the same people there are people purposely systemically ruining our health why

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This man is a true doctor I learn through him and others about vitamin D3 , fluoride in the water, Chemtrails that I have been sprained for at least thirty years I've seen old movies with Chemtrails and now that I'm aware of it and this is because it is true humanitarian dr. Russell Blaylock thank you sir I can't wait to meet you in heaven

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Thank you doctor I have been listened to you for maybe 20 years now I first heard you on a Christian television talk show dr. Richard Becker and his wife he was talking about D3 how much you need and you stated 80% of Americans or D3 deficiency this was over 20 years ago I take 5000 I use now they're changing I use back to the Mille meters however you say it anyway I am 66 leg press over 600 lb that is Extreme but thanks to dr. Russell Blaylock dr. John Bergman dr. Eric Berg I am so healthy dr's

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Dr Russell Blaylock is absolutely brilliant and was one of the very first experts to educate me 5 years ago on the deceit we find ourselves living in..excellent interview please have him back for updates..🙏❤

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Very important information. I shared and hope many will listen.

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