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Absolutely beautiful... Thank you... 💜

4 months ago reply 1

Thank you very much guys, am so pleased you followed the call to do this! I love the way you play off one another. I had my geopolitical awakening 3yrs ago with Saturn transiting my South node conj Uranus in Sag. It was very spontaneous and unexpected, and life has not been the same since!! But like you I've synchronistically been given the right people at the right time so I've never felt too alone. Keep up the good work, you're performing a wonderful service for humanity! ❤

4 months ago reply 0

This is phenomenal you guys. ♡

4 months ago reply 1

I love this so much! ✨💜 amazing, thank you kindly 💓

4 months ago reply 1

Thank you so much for sharing your two-way conversation. Both of you really helped me to reflect back 20 years ago with regards to your personal Awakenings, helping me to shed some light onto mine also. Thanks again, Simon & Jennifer.

4 months ago reply 1

...always so much to respond to. The sharing and work you have been generating is deeply enriching and is empowering regeneration within many and the expanding environment we are all connected to.

4 months ago reply 1

Ripple effect ♥️, love how you both flow naturally. I look forward to hearing more 💛✨

4 months ago reply 3

Wonderful to be invited to hear both of you having such a real and very beautiful conversation! Looking forward to hearing many many more. You are both wonderful!!

4 months ago reply 2

Wow guys...I loved your 'meeting' story..gave me goosebumps..I completely related to every minute of your podcast, especially when Jennifer talked about her Pluto/Neptune, Jupiter/Neptune transits, which I've also been in the middle of/coming up soonish ..thank you for being a shining light ❤❤love synchronicities

4 months ago reply 1