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This is a very refreshing episode. Thank you for confirming that I am heading the right path to getting closer to God. I grew up in a very broken Christian home. Domestic violence was all I knew. Breaking out of that environment left me feeling anxious, depressed, paranoid and hypercynical. I was only 14 then. I cried out to God telling him that I didn't want to be part of his religion if the life I was living were all it was - violence, oppression and hatred. Before I could stab myself, my roommate's boyfriend walked in. He convinced me that there was more to life than what my parents brought me up in. He encouraged me to forgive them. It took me a long time. It's been 28 years before my father and I reconciled our differences. He passed too soon for the reconciliation to resolve. I'm currently working with my therapist to learn to forgive my mother. Every thing Christine said, I have done and still actively working on. - Lei Anne

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