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Thank you for reviewing this case. I hope these people suffer for the horrible things they did to these two kids.

1 months ago reply 0

This was really hard to get through. The brother is a complete imbecile.

3 months ago reply 1

Stop listening three-quarters of the way through this episode such a shame and such a waste of young life. They all should be given the chair you're sitting there and not doing anything to help those too young people especially after the brother and his friend left for an hour and a half or so they all should be getting life in prison will not listen to any more of these

3 months ago reply 0

Thank you for doing this. I live in Knoxville and this is still one of the most horrific things a lot of us will never be able to forget.

4 months ago reply 0

By far the worst episode. If I wanted to listen to sword and scale I would.

4 months ago reply 2

Awesome episode of sword and scale....I mean...

4 months ago reply 2

This episodw was amazing. Loved the story from the mouth of the criminal aspect. Happy thanksgiving guys

4 months ago reply 0