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The insanity is people who think this is insanity - Boris Johnson just short down Britain. Think. Research. Get your head around this thing - stop calling it the flu.

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Just had a close friend in Florida pass - this isn’t the flu and it doesn’t attack the weak - she was an ox. Tip top shape, wealthy, very smart. This is real. Ammo up.

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I know you guys are loving the “bold action” and “wartime president” rhetoric, but crashing the economy is the real threat today, not WuFlu. Stop believing the media/deep state models, analyses, and kneejerk statist policies. We are not facing the bubonic plague that killed 30 to 60 percent of Europe. When the dust has settled, this is going to look like a bad flu. You guys want to crash the economy for a bad flu? Because the Imperial College told you to? This is a disease that kills the sick, especially the elderly sick. The mission should be to specifically protect them. And leave the rest of us to carry on. Where we are headed now is Depression, a command economy that will look like Atlas Shrugged, and likely a war on the other end. Or a revolt sooner of people who won’t accept being imprisoned in their own homes watching their savings disappear. Get in front of this. Be leaders. This insanity has to stop now.

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