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Thank you for answering my question on the podcast! Your answers help a lot. Yes, first book. I had started a couple of books like 15 years ago, but then life happened, as it does, and I got sidetracked. I'm back at it with new ideas! You have encouraged me by validating my approach, so thank you. You were talking about how Americans go home for Thanksgiving and eat turkey and then go home again a month later for Christmas and eat turkey and how crazy that sounds. The two holidays are very close together and there is often travel and, obviously, a lot of being with family. Americans often deal with this by spending Thanksgiving with one spouse's family and Christmas with the other spouse's family. And they often switch the next year, so no one family always gets Christmas. Especially when children are involved, Christmas is definitely the coveted holiday. Reading the Pink Bean series now. I bought the three collections of three books and got "Few Hearts Survive" novella from you for free, so thank you for that! I have many happy hours of reading ahead of me. 🙂

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