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I disagree about the timing. I listen to another TP podcast that comes out late Monday/early Tuesday and as a result they often don't end up discussing things that people don't notice for a few days after the episode airs (the airplane windows being digitally erased and the people in the diner changing for instance).

3 years ago reply 2

Yeah, I know their schedule is busy, but putting out a movie review out is different than tv. The tv review should be out a day or two after at the latest

3 years ago reply 0

I believe jerry went into the red room. I think he's out in the woods, sure he was high. Not knowing where he is. I think he went in. Saw what he was in the red room and the scene we see him in is him coming out of the room. He's confused. Doesn't know what happened. That's what I believe happened to jerry.

3 years ago reply 1

6 days after episode broadcast is a bit late for the podcast to arrive in my opinion guys...

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