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With regards to NoMans - I finally downloaded the game because I was really interested in trying it after all the backlash. I will say that I was excited to play this game when I was reading stuff about it prior to its release but was super happy I didn't after hearing all the complaints. After playing this game for a few hours I wonder - who the hell is this game for?? I've been playing games for over 30 years. I love RPGs and spent so many hours playing WoW during its heyday that I would be embarrassed to look up the total....(but Its Hundreds of hours) and NMS has almost ZERO appeal to me. This game has almost no action in it. Sure it's cool that the universe is so vast and the planet to space seamless transition is really cool as well. The graphics are about average for this era. Bright and colorful but nothing really to write home about. But how long can you really walk around into vast nothingness mining carbon or some other resource. Hardly seeing anything but rocks, plants and the occasional sentry or animal. There's limited things to interact with no direction. I mean who cares if there's a ton of planets if there's almost nothing to do once you get there?? It's like pretending the same exact ball painted differently somehow changes what it is.... this is not skyrim I'm space or GTA in space. This is like of you polished up a turd and put it in a box made of gold. No way should this game cost 60$... I'm so glad I didn't buy it....

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Love this!

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