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About the sparkling water bit: Daniel, thank you for agreeing. Kai....the only high expectations I have from you is when you smoke weed, but that's about it. Your argument is invalid and you are going to have ugly children. Now, I have one more suggestion, I'm not sure if it's been said before, though. Muggles state their opinions by starting off with "I'm not [racist, fascist, nazi, homophobic]" and continue with something completely unrelated. For example: "I'm not racist, but you should always watch your step when you cross the street." It's the lowest form of humour and I hope whoever invented it dies a thousand deaths by having that repeated in their ears over and over again, followed by fake laughter, because that's all they'll ever get from something so pathetic. Also, I love you guys, please never stop doing this podcast, it's my favourite thing in the world. (After Sloss's brown button hole)

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