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Once again I’m late to the game, but I want to thank everyone involved for all of your hard work. Despite my issues with season three (and two) you made this journey worthwhile.

2 years ago reply 0

Thanks so much for all your hard work. It was great listening along with every episode despite my own feelings about the ending being completely different to most of the hosts by the end of the season. I'm surprised none of you mentioned that despite no one saying they wanted to make a Season 4 the end is a cliffhanger for a Season 4 it's not a finale...but anyway I'm delighted you put all the time in.

3 years ago reply 2

Thanks for all the hard work. I joined Arnie for most of my reactions to the series, and wish it had never returned. The season 2 evil cooper cliff hanger didn't break the story like The Return has. So much of The Return was made up as Lynch went. If Frank Silva was alive we wouldn't have had any floaty ball BOB, if Bowie was alive Phillip Jefferies wouldn't have been a kettle. I dont believe Judy (as mentioned in FWWM) was anything more than a random name that has had a story invented around it to loosely tie into The Return. He worst crime was the breaking of Laura Palmer. The tragedy of her character has been wiped and its impact sucked dry. I will forever love Twin Peaks, but on future rewatches will stop after 17 episodes and certainly never watch season 3 again.

3 years ago reply 3

What a wonderful and strange journey it has been with the three of you. Thank you for all of your immense effort!

3 years ago reply 3