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The “purity movement” and “moral revolution” teaching is not wisdom. It’s painfully shallow and continues the decline of the relevance of the “church.”

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I like how Linda said she was terrible at being perfect. I too am terrible at it as so many of us are. I also like Linda’s approach to getting the church more aligned with Jesus’ values through education on sexuality. As some churches are doing this well, there is hope for us all!

2 years ago reply 1

I love the honest sharing by Linda and how this particular topic explores the sub culture that kinda interprets the bible for us, and making them proof texts to 'subject' so many young people esp girls to impossible standards that aren't even biblical. The part she shared abt how her sufferings thru her sickness made her realize what the church and their standard is, resonates so much with me. Thanks for having her on your show!

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I love your podcasts not this one on purity was very disappointing. Your questions failed to explore sexuality and the Bible; what is "sexual immorality"?; how should teens use the Bible to be holy?; Just because many evangelicals were legalistic and lacked grace doesn't mean the wisdom of the Bible on sex is blank. - Fred Miller

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