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My field has power service. Awesome setup with covers and outlets on every post. if I charge before I go to the field though I usually don't get through all my batteries before I'm ready to leave. It'll last me all day and then if I run out I'll fly my nitro.

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The brain update about 12ms to 22ms and dxe was from a guy on helifreak using a dxe having some issues.

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Cleaning house and wireless earbuds start saying "low battery" as you guys are talking about your tx battery low limits haha

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Regarding AccuRC, you said "get it on or Steam" but no matter where you buy it it will end up on Steam. The difference is that when you buy it on their website they get all of the funds from the sale, Steam takes a 30% cut when you buy it from the Steam store so I always recommend buying it from the website. When you buy it on the site they just give you a game key which you activate in Steam and from that point on it's just like if you bought it in Steam, except that the devs get all the money instead of Steam taking some. Also there is a AccuRC demo if you don't want to buy it first, you only get one field and one heli but it's a good way to try it out.

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