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Duke-meister, great to hear you speaking of these things when most Pastors are avoiding this discussion! The Ppl need to know these things we as the Church need to be prepared for what’s coming! A bit short. Felt like I got the Appetizer and the restaurant ran out of the Steak dinner. Give me more Bro. I’m hungry for the meat! 😀

6 months ago reply 1

Con. = Con job, pro vs con, or deceive. Trol = enforce Control = a deception that is enforced

7 months ago reply 0

Wow! This message was a powerhouse❤️

7 months ago reply 2

Prophetically aware warrior... amen!

7 months ago reply 0

The stage is surely set. We are on the way to loose our precious freedom in this world but true freedom is in Jesus Christ!

8 months ago reply 1

It is so plain to see for those who love the Lord yet impossible to see for those in darkness, blinded by satan's spell. I believe many are literally "bewitched". How else could one explain the masses of people that see evil as good and good as evil. Thank you Pastor Duke for sharing your keen insight.

8 months ago reply 0

Thank you Pastor Duke your interpretation and words are so powerful 🙏

8 months ago reply 1