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Good thinks

4 days ago reply 1

No offense but, the narrator is female, which to me diminishes the believability of the story. Gulliver is male. Also, she sounds like she’s reading. Sorry. Not a very good presentation. I cringed when she did that screechy falsetto.. Ouch!

12 days ago reply 0

My favourite story

5 months ago reply 1

Thank you for no music

6 months ago reply 4

It is very nice,and I listend to it every day

7 months ago reply 3

That's my favorite story

7 months ago reply 0

Can i get captions in this

1 years ago reply 2

I wish its with background suitable music

1 years ago reply 0


@rakesh : How I change language
1 years ago reply 1

In Hindi

1 years ago reply 0

How I change language

1 years ago reply 0

What a boring reader

2 years ago reply 1

Jonathan Swift is the Author

3 years ago reply 1

Quite frankly, I think it’s frank.

3 years ago reply 0

Who wrote this book? It never says. I’ve listened to the first 90 seconds over 150 times and she refuses to mention the author. Every time I listen again, she again refuses, simply refuses, to make mention of the woman who penned this American classic. I’m exceedingly well read and I cannot figure out how I might possibly get access to discovering the chap who wrote this Medieval philosophical treatise. I’m assuming the author might be (based on timeframe and geographical position) either St Francis of Assisi or Stephen King. Again, I’m very illiterate, literally.

3 years ago reply 2

Please provide us transcript

4 years ago reply 0