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absolutely beautiful! what type are you? and where do you get your accent-- Michigan perhaps? I'm starting with all your Enneagram, and then will likely continue with your other music. your atlas project is intriguing. Rachel, Lakewood, CO

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I messed up and hit send on my comment before I meant to and I immediately felt “corrupt” (lol!) because I was worried you would think I was telling you to keep your songs short and your feelings would be hurt. A day in the life of my “one” brain! Seriously though, no one would believe how hard it is to kick the idea that I am bad/selfish/corrupt/evil/toxic. People who know me laugh in my face when I tell them about my negative core belief about myself because it sounds so dramatic and incongruent with the behaviors they see from me, but it feels so real! Also, the clock! Yes!!! I literally don’t know the last time that I didn’t know what time it was. I can tell you what time it is intuitively, without even looking at a clock! Also I love the fact that all of us one commenters have cried when we heard your song. The description of a one sounds so hard...but I don’t think that captures us at all. We are passionate, tender people. I definitely cried.

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Yes, the “lower 3minutes” :)

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The opening violins sound exactly like the world as it is in my head....too fast, too busy, too chaotic and i desperately want to slow it all down and find peace. Then the lyric arrives. Hold on for a minute. Yes! It's all in here. The drive for perfection, the temptation to judge, and Tuesday slow slow thankful realisation that grace is unearned and exists. Even for me. Bless you for your insight and creativity. The song made me cry with recognition and relief at being understood.

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As a 'one' I am welled up with emotion listening to your song and especially the explanation. Thank you for your gift to me in this song--- your thoughtfulness and the beauty. You have touched my heart. And my refrain in these next few days will be, "grace requires nothing from me". I am deeply appreciative.

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