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I feel like perhaps you missed the point of her method. Of course you shouldn't throw out your can opener, and you can certainly keep 50 camera lenses if you like. Also she emphasizes staying organized by continuing to evaluate what gives you true joy. The pulling everything out is only a one time event, and it's supposed to take you between 6-12 months to do anyway. After that it's perfectly fine from time to time to just re evaluate your closet and say "this blouse was lovely but it doesn't spark joy". I'm also a bit biased because that book changed my life. I'm not a minimalist but literally every single thing in my house is a thing I LOVE. I don't have to dig for an outfit or through a kitchen drawer to find something I like, and that feeling is life changing. I have so much extra time now that I don't constantly have to pick up my house every weekend.

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this....was.... awesome. Thank you for validating my stuff!!! I am a Ladybug!!! loved that part too!!

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