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Thank you for having me on Auroosa! This is the first time I am on a podcast, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It is interesting how hearing your own voice can give you a third person perspective that is otherwise difficult to feel in your own body. As I mentioned in the podcast, I and many others have a psychological aversion towards tooting our own horn - that it is more socially acceptable to admit our failures than successes. What struck me as a surprise, after hearing our conversation, is how being humble can be a front for avoiding the pitfalls that may come with success; such as shame, loss, or the ‘I told you so’ in case your fate reverses. So perhaps, we feel it is safer to keep our head down rather than stick it out at the risk of it being chopped off. Being humble is an ideal quality. But how we go about practicing it is important. Avoiding the podium for the fear of being humbled is not being humble. The idealized quality is to not bask in your success for too long, but ALSO to not marginalize it. A case could be made that being kind to yourself also means openly accepting your successes; so taking a stand for yourself when success warrants it, is perhaps the honest and kind thing to do. Thank you for this opportunity.

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