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As a Londoner myself some of that Cockney terminology was very good however it did wander off into Football Factory speak at times though which I found amusing

4 years ago reply 1

"Gregory" is Cockney rhyming slang. Gregory Peck = neck.

4 years ago reply 2

I loved this episode and agree with Stuart, I wish we got this episode as episode 5. I feel like the season arc is finally in 2nd gear and we're almost at the finish line. Wish we got more establishing shots that were so beautiful in episode 1-2.

4 years ago reply 0

Speaking as a Brit @stuartinLA - the British actor in this episode isn't doing English RP with a hint of cockney - that is full on London Cockney. RP is much more formal than his accent... ;-)

4 years ago reply 3