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The autos cost the same.

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International Trade Lawyers will lobby our government to stop the dumping of foreign automakers into our country. I needed a rental car twice last year from two different rental companies and all they had to offer was cars made overseas.

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🇺🇸 Solidarity forever! 🇨🇦

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I started working in the UAW in 1985. I worked for Bendix Aerospace in New Jersey, I became the chairman of the Bargaining unit in 1991. In my first negotiations our CEO had received A $10 million bonus that year was the highest in the United States that year. During the negotiations my message was. How much is enough. How much do executives have to make to be enough. They came in crying they can’t afford healthcare anymore but meanwhile it wasn’t just the CEO or top executives were getting bonuses they were give floor managers $100.000 a year bonuses. I was screaming from the roof tops about it. Plus it is just then when companies were not driving the stock market it was the other way around. Couldn’t survive like that. But the fat cats in the international got comfortable and didn’t hold the companies accountable to putting part of the profits back into R&D. The new people that came into the UAW International and are still there did a lot Bette job holding companies accountable, but the bad PR put out by the Republican Party at that time made it almost impossible to win the fight. (And that’s not a political statement) I was a Republican at the time the reason I became an Independent was because of the Republicans Attack On Unions. The only fix I see now is Schooling Schooling and more Schooling,either in electronics or renewable energy!

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At what point does the local gov't condem the property and claim eminent domain? Let the workers take over the plant.

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Just tell me you aren't voting for republicans. If you do, eff the neck off. You got exactly what you voted for. A women and minorities hating chaos agent beholden to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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