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I know that I am late to the game, but I am watching the show now and 100% agreeing with the Now Peaking guys. I appreciate you three calling it like you see it.

2 years ago reply 0

Wow Arnie, calling Lynch a hack after this episode and proclaiming it not being Twin Peaks? I think David Lynch and Mark Frost can do whatever they want with their own story...

3 years ago reply 2

Loving the podcast as ever. The show is starting to pick up now although I do feel I struggle with elements of each episode. I wonder how likely I would have been to continue with it without the sense of loyalty I have carried over from the original seasons. Also having these podcasts to listen to does very much encourage my watching. Keep up the good work guys.

3 years ago reply 1

Omg. Quantumbleep I feel the same way about this retrospective. I listen to other Twin Peak The Return podcast and everybody else digs it because they had no unrealistic expectations going in this new series. The Now Playing guys are bumming me out with all the negativity just relax & enjoy the ride. I love this season as much as season 1 & the first half of 2. I am very frustrated about not receiving the book too

3 years ago reply 4

your's have been some of the most nonsensical I've heard. I've been a Now Playing listener and fan for a decade now (and still patiently waiting for the book), so I've had plenty of ups and downs with you guys and have no intention to stop listening. However, the frustration of this 3rd season review is that, for a paid-subscription podcast, it will have no replay value. I revisit most of your shows annually- but I can't imagine relistening to these episodes that spend a majority complaining and making snarky wild guesses. I think your original Peaks reviews are great, and makes me wish you had the same distance between this new season as you did with the previous. (Well, not 25 years, but at least until after the full series has aired.)

3 years ago reply 4

I know this show is frustrating at times, but to call Lynch a "Fraud" because it's "Not Twin Peaks", is absolutely ridiculous. There is A LOT of "Twin Peaks" in this show. What a STUPID accusation. Also, obviously the show invites the viewer to come up with crazy theories, but

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