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Could I please have you and Mike's autograph?

1 years ago reply 1

Scott, thanks for making me not feel "weird" for collecting the everyday things that some people may consider odd. I absolutely love the podcasts! Mike, Scott and Troy... I atleast owe you a beer for making my shitty plumbing job (get it?😉) easy to wake up to, cause I got you fellas to wake up to. Mike was right on the last one, you definitely can relisten and catch things you haven't heard.. like the docs you have made. Mike sounds a lil leprechaunish on the intro.. love it and love yall! NC

1 years ago reply 0

Great podcast as always. Here’s an interesting tidbit for your upcoming Jaws podcast: the Joe Hill that says the “Lady in the Dunes” was in the movie is Stephen King’s son.

1 years ago reply 0

Really very interesting, so many great little details puts this podcast in a league of its own...thanks guys!

1 years ago reply 0