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Great Rants! I agree with all if it. Esp the part about Shitholes. Yes there are shitholes everywhere!!! stepping in dog shit..... yep!!! I was always disgusted by dogshit residue on the grass. I remember doing cartwheels on the grass too. When I was a kid I was doing cartwheels outback at my grandparents house, and I saw a big pile of dogshit, I told Grandma about it, because I wasn't going to deal with it and barf everywhere, so she comes out and grabs the shovel, Scoops up this big old pile of dogshit and I saw the residue. Ever since I have had issues with dogshit and people not picking it up or even better having a designated area for your dog to shit and clean it. And you're absolutely correct watching them pick it up with a baggie is fucking disgusting! So yea shitholes and dogshit. Shitty shit shit! Hillary is shit too!! Lol

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Never did I think I would hear a guy say they like stretchy denim jeans and non the less from Costco! Gotta love it LOL!!

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