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Im with ya there, Mr 1738, but I'm on coffee and hot fries

4 years ago reply 1

In no specific order, seven of my all time favorite, multiplayer titles: - Diablo II - Battlefield 2 - Wurm Online - Battlegrounds 2 (Source mod) - Minecraft - PUBG - Age of Empires II ...And here are a few honorable mentions: - Diablo (the PlayStation port had Couch Co-op - Heroes of Might and Magic - Star Trek Online - Worms Armageddon - Armored Core - Tekken - Driver - Perfect Dark - Need for Speed: Underground - Path of Exile - EverQuest - Cube 2: Sauerbraten ... I'm making myself stop here. I've gotta drive. So many great MP games out there!

4 years ago reply 1

Hot Fries and Mountain Dew.... Lol Goldeneye, the father to halo, call of duty, battlefront

4 years ago reply 3