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Of yiden and learning Tora LIShmah not to become a Rosh Yeshiva or to get a good schiduch

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Great program just I would like to make a point that today in almost every Chabad house there are classes of Jli attracting thousandS

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I trying to understand what does it mean when you say chabad doesn't do kiruv through Torah? Learning bechavrua or shiur? Chabad does that all the time whenever in the shul, school, even in prison. You won't find a Chabad house that doesn't have a shiur in nigleh or in chassidus, for women or men. And what's the problem if you're mekariv a Yid through doing a Mitzvah? Torah and mitzvos are one thing. This sounds like complete an haratzis. המעשה הוא העיקר. כל תורה שמביא לידי מעשה. The main thing is that that the Yid does another mitzvah and eventually becomes a שומר תורה ומצות. Thank you Reb Dovid for having these conversations. Hashem should give you all the Brochois.

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With all do respect to Harav Gifter. It seems like your position on chabad is out of the oylam of sechel and when questioned borderline sinas chinam. Your relying on the sinah you saw for other yidden by your father and therefore will hold that position even when it doesnt make sense in 5779. Let's not forget this is a discussion about benai yisroel! What atrocity has hundreds of thousands of shomer Torah and mitzvah chabad chassidem and mikurovim do to deserve people who call themselves 'proud minagdim'? Beis shamai and beis Hillel had tremendous philosophical differences, and even limaisa they did mitzvos different. But to call yourself a misnaged of beis hillel? A misnaged of beis shamai??? When rebbe akiva left the cave and burned the world a bas kol came out saying all your 12 years of learning and you get upset at a yid collecting myrtle for shabboss? Your 12 years of learning led you the wrong way. Go back for another year.... May these discussion open the eyes of those closed and may we finally have true sholom and respect between yidden bekorov!

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