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Comments on school dropouts unity I disagree that there is a gene that is passed on for not be motivated in finishing school. I have 6 brothers and one sister 7 of us graduated from high school and college one of my brothers dropped out but he has always held a job but school was not for him. My daughter Dawn dropped out in the night grade not due to me I stressed education all of her kids finished high school. But a person has to really want education. Even if you didn't finish high school at least get a GED. But in my opinion high school diploma looks better on a job application than GED.Some people drop out for good and bad reasons. There are a few people who has no education and became successful but they had people to help them..Jay Z is a joke and crazy he needs to keep quite. You can finish high school and you dont have to go to college to be great and get a job. Some one has to be waiters pick up trash shame in those jobs good honest work. I went to college to be a teacher but feld into nursing aid by mistake loved it and retired after 25 years.never went back to pursue being a teacher.. Loved the show. Also a law has passed that guns can be carried openly in church and brass knuckles are going to be legal to openly carry ..The love of money is the root of all evil. Thank you for my shout outs love your wonderful comments about me.

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