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Sorry meant psycolocal not physiological. Yeah she was very religiously controlling and had even caused me to be isolated from my trusting and being able to have proper connection with other guys in this church. Even did this in saying that they were talking about me to her. The way she did it was very bad experience and even caused me to become paranoid now to point that not able to trust anyone anymore. Guess grew tired of being a Christian and the religious side of it now.

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Very powerful. As have experienced abuse physiological and spiritually by one of the church members who was Christian councelling me. And also been wrestling with the heaviness of institutional barriers of not been able to have the space to understand God from a real personal way. So have been out of church for couple of months and now still healing

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Oh this was felt on a cellular level for me! When she said leaving causes grief, not knowing who you are, and all that goes with walking away is exactly what I have been going through this last year.

1 years ago reply 1

thank you for putting into words what I could not express.

1 years ago reply 2

Do you think there could be a liturgist gathering in Europe?

2 years ago reply 2

such a safe place to process :)

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