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Hey, I just found your podcast series a few weeks ago, so new listener. I am a budding native plant "student." just bought my first place 3 years ago and wanted to encourage polinators. stumbled across Doug Tallamy on youtube and then bought and devoured his first(?) book, Bringing Nature Home. opened my eyes. Even though my first gardening love, going back 40+ years, is modern roses(yeah, I know, insert eye roll). I now have banned all chemical spraying the past two years, replaced all my most disease-prone varieties, and become an active composter, and have underplanted the roses with more polinator friendly flowers, have started learning my local weeds, discovered the worst invasive offenders, am progressively rplacing my lawn, and have let my back yard revert to understory meadow and am adding regional mulberry, mayhaw, pawpaw, button bush to go under my water oaks. anyhoo, enough about me. you are not in my region at all, but I appreciate you genuine conversational style. made me chuckle to hear you talk about your negative reviews. I work in mental health, and our corporate overlords are always obsessing about consumer approval rankings. Problem is, none of us controls the thought processes of reviewers. I have ranked everythere between 99th percentile down to 25th, and back up, sometimes in rapid succession. One bad review can tank you. I have occasion psychotic patients, literally, not hyperbolically. One complained angrily about me secretly taping them and feeding their personal info to their upstairs neighbor, to whom they had never spoken but could tell knew all their sexual secrets....thanks to me. I'm apparently evil that way. Another told me she gave me a one star review, because her family have pushed her into therapy she didn't think she needed, so she was mad. the then changed her mind, said she appreciated the therapy but never received another satisfaction survey, so one star it is! Love the sites recommendations.

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