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Thanks for your validation... I've had 3 brain tumors/surgeries and since the last removal 4 yrs ago, which was accompanied with CSF leak, I've suffered with such head pain... like my brain being squeezed constantly, the intensity changes but the pain & squeezing is always noticeable. I've been seeing a neurologist that specializes in difficult headaches.. she is as you described; "try this medicine, try that" .. to no avail.. plus all the side effects of the medications is very bothersome to me. And she insists I have migraines.. which of course every medication is for migraine headaches. And she's made comments like, "do you want to have to have another brain surgery!?!" When I say nothing is working for me... "of course I never want another brain surgery! I've had 3 too many already!! I JUST WANT RELIEF OF THE BRAIN SQUEEZING FEELING!!!" I feel like it's too much to ask for!! Do you have any suggestions for me? I have a 3 month check up with her this week.. thank you

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