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Interesting interviewee and an appalling story of the perversion of the scientific establishment. I just wish Delingpole would learn to ask open questions, keep them short and then shut up and let the interviewee answer. If I want to hear about Delingpole's holiday or get his extended opinions on black holes or other subjects he's not qualified to talk about then I can buy one of his books, read one of his articles or listen to him being interviewed by someone else.

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Ancel Keys, glad you mention him. You should get Tom Naughton on the cast. He's as hot on Nutritional Science to JD is on Climate Science. Check out his documentary on yt, "Fat Head". It might completely change your outlook if you don't already know the truth...

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Excellent podcast. Brought back great memories of theI 3 years I spent living in Oz. James, can I suggest a guest for your podcast? Richard Nikoley is an ex US Navy officer. He is also a libertarian entrepreneur.and digital nomad. Currently living in Thailand and blogging and tweeting loads of Covid skeptic stuff. He was calling it a scam right from the very start. I think he would make a great guest on your podcast. His blog is called Free the Animal.

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