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I think I may be able to add some clarification on this one. I am 99.9% sure that the Bandage Man legend got it's start in a book titled Oregon's Ghosts and Monsters. It was written by Mike Helm and was published in 1983. As I recall, the author tells the story as though he learned it from an old timer while sipping beer in a tavern on a stormy night. As the old man tells his tale his trusty old dog grows more and more agitated by the storm until the story reaches its climax. Far more detail is given in this book than by any other source and I had never heard the "urban legend" prior to reading it. Beyond that, the very style with which this story is presented in the book compared to most of the other material has always led me to assume that Mr. Helm created the tale himself. The implication that it has been around since the 1960s simply came from the back story provided in the book. All of that said, it is a very colorful story and I would challenge anyone who has read it in it's entirety to try not thinking of it if they are ever driving that stretch of road on a dark stormy night... ♠️

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