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Oh fuck this shit, ya dumb bitch! So you took the wrong fuckin' medicine and when your doctor told you ya fucked up, instead of listening to someone who's studied this shit for years, you decided that you knew so much fuckin better? Based on what? A hunch? So now you're against antidepressants just because you got by without them? Yeah, fuckin' try pulling someone off their wheelchair, guess what happens? They'll probably fall the fuck onto their ass. Try taking an inhaler away from a person with asthma, guess what'll fuckin' happen? They can't fuckin' breathe! Take antidepressants away from a depressed person, guess what'll fuckin' happen? They might just kill their damn selves! Depression is a a serious medical issue, and I don't appreciate whiney preachy bitches like you telling depressed bitches like me that you are against the very thing that's keeping me alive! You're damn right you're not a psychologist or a therapist or "whatever." You're just one person who had one experience. Well guess what? Not everyone has the same experience as you! Antidepressants save lives. People who give out bad medical advice and shame people out of taking medication end lives.

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