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I didn’t believe gravity at all Sandra bullock & Clooney where just floating heads

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As for Covenant origins I kinda liked the insight to the company but it was just padding OTBD haha . I haven’t finished the cold forge I just fell out of it but I really enjoyed the Prometheus connections , what I didn’t like was everyone complains about the technology of Prometheus ( which to me is the beginning of the Alien era that ship is brand new , think of what that ship would look like if we saw it after 10 years of being used , people say ahh the Prometheus doesn’t look “lives in like the nostromo “ ....because it isn’t its a scientific vessels it’s supposed to be sterile the nostromo was a mining tug but that’s a another story & it had Weyland on the Prometheus) but cold forge threw me off with Blue & Marcus a disabled woman who hooks up an android reading the book I was envisioning Isolation and that didn’t fit in with what I was seeing in my mind because it was written to be like Isolation tech era , but I enjoyed the idea of this women having to rely on technology to keep her body alive while her mind was literally else where .... and Marcus and the face hugger made me think of Covenant in my mind the Davids presence at the birth of the chestburster is him imprinting himself on the creature “ what are they waiting for David ....mother “ ( I know that’s for gestation but can be used for what I’m saying ) and the Alien on the covenant saw his face on a screen and destroyed the screen because he wasn’t at the birth telling it “I am your father & you are perfect “ which I bet he said while of screen unless you go with Alan dean foster where David whistles to the chestburster and it try’s to copy the whistle, which goes back to the original Alien novelisation line from ash “have you tried communicating with it “

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I agree with JM Aliens gave us HUGE expectations like many have said it’s one of the greatest sequels of all time , when the covenant trailer came out people straight away compared it to Aliens because of the drop ship sequence , one of the first images what a shot of the security team to me it was the studio saying look they are like colonial marines .. resurrection tries to replicate the ensemble , even the prequels give us a knock off Ripley ( though I don’t compare shaw to Ripley but Daniels is plainly a Ripley knock off . I can get behind the prequels because they are things I think of , I go outside and look at the stars and wonder if we was “designed “ it just seems so strange like Weyland says “molecular circumstance “ and even looking and reading about insects such wonders in so small a thing What else could there be out there , would it welcome us with open arms or would they shut the doors of heaven on our noses , but it seems Scott doesn’t respect Giger’s masterpiece anymore and that is the biggest tragedy of the prequels, in Prometheus despite the bad acting & very questionable script ( lindleoffs only decent contribution to the original Alien :Engineers script , the first draft of Prometheus was making David a much more subtle villain in the original script he was as written in covenant ,David has little subtlety in the original script) .... I’ve also heard that lindleoff is writing the New Alien game Blackout

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Lots of fun being on! thanks for a fun time :)

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