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I throughly enjoyed the Ray Robbins Interview. with Richard Bliss Brooke...What i loved most, besides the Humor and informative practical experiences.. is that 2 important Ideologies stood out. We all want financial freedom whether we know it or not and we all have a Nurturing and caring nature whether we aware of this or not.. Ray lives by the fact that as much as he wants to recruit people and see potential Prospects in everyone , simply has come to a point in his life where he knows and realizes that we must go against our normal instinct and not try to see financial gain in people but rather just be a friend to strangers and try to listen to their life challenges and offer genuine helpful advise when necessary without hidden agenda . i can also extend that to just smiling and being kind to people especially if they are strangers.. That is most powerful in that we actually recruiting people into our business without us willfully enforcing our products or services, hence the fact that patience in this business is most important bcos those same people will be attracted to us and our businesses in the end.. Powerful Interview.. Tx Ray. regards Wayne McLaren😃

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