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Peteliebl, that was me botching my own bad joke. It's supposed to go "there's not a single person smart enough, educated enough, wise or discerning enough not to fall for some bullshit propaganda... except you, you're the onlyest most specialist one." Having used this line on several people over the last few years I can confirm nobody likes to hear it.

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The only five indeed. Sincerely. Collaboration says this no arachnid petting zoo. Wow. Bravo (don't get cocky. don't believe everything you think). Band Sacred Reich. Politics Secret Right. Danka! Series an unnoticed headline, I'd say. Want to listen to entire series again but thinking you folks won't give me the chance. tO the FUture Academy. Bring it on! Nice job.

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I implore the WACL Team putting forth this episode and all their readers to consider:

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Great series as always. I just have one question. What am I supposed to believe now? You guys have destroyed everything I’ve ever believed.

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