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We are absolutely loving your podcast guys! You really make us smile!!

3 days ago reply 0

i have listened to all the 9 episodes at least 2 times each now, still this one is my favorite. not sure why, maybe your stories of your trips, but makes my day to listen to this. love your work guys. p.s. sorry you had to go through the banking and Iran thing, we all do have problems with the Iranian government (I am an Iranian if it wasn't wondering still). Cheers

8 months ago reply 0

*** felt that I'd be SICK again (not so kind. Bloody autocorrect, lol)

10 months ago reply 0

Aimee!!!! I have so many "puking on vacation" stories too 😂😂 The worst one though was our flight to Cuba. 4 hour flight, and I threw up 8 times. 8 TIMES!!!! Was awful. But the best ab work out I've ever had, lol After we landed, I sat until I thought my stomach had settled down, and started walking off with my luggage. I didn't even make it to the terminal, when I felt that I'd be so kind again. Looked frantically for a garbage can, a bag, anything, but there was nothing. So, I threw up in a corner. And then, looked up and saw black shiny boots. Look up a bit more and see guns slung across two chests. And up a bit more, and then set eyes on two Cuban guards who looked very annoying with me. I felt so embarassed! Good story now though 😂😂🤣

10 months ago reply 0